Fix Me Or Repair Me?


For all my new readers who are just visiting this page for the first time, welcome. I really appreciate you and everyone else for taking the time to visit my site. If you someone looking for great content and value about all kinds of repairs within your home, apartment or place of business, then you have visited the right place. As you can already see from my site description “Repair Me or Fix Me,” this is what my site is all about. Its for those individuals who have that annoying repair that has been bugging you for the past year but you just don’t know how to fix it or just don’t have the budget to hire someone to fix it for you. I always recommend hiring a repair expert or professional to handle these things, which is what I do even though I know how to do it most of the time, but the way I see it, I rather pay someone to get it done right the first time instead of spending hours and hours of trial and error hoping to get it right. You may get it right, but the question is how long did it take you and how many times did it take you. I remember I tried to fix this electrical outlet in my house. I knew it was a pretty simple task.

All you have to do is buy a brand new outlet from your local Lowes or Home Depot and swap it out with the broken one. When doing so, you have to of course secure the power, you don’t want someone to accidentally flip the light switch one while your working on it and then you end up getting toasted. Im not an electrician or claiming that I am an expert but I can now say, there are certain repairs around the house that I can do myself without having to hire any outside work. At first, I ended up getting the wrong outlet because I the exact wattage and power has to match exactly or you can risk jeopardizing your whole electrical system within your whole house. Once I figure that I ended up going back and forth to the power outlet on the side of my house, turing it on and off as I was testing it (what a pain in the but that was!). Long story short, it was fixed but looking back now I probably would of just hired a professional repair men to fix my electrical outlet or any kind of house damage repair I have in my place of residence. So here is little taste of the value you will get from my blog. It will help you avoid all the stress and hassle in regards to damages or anything broken in your home.

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